What is a credit rating?

Your income. This factor is of great importance to your credit rating as it gives the bank an idea of ​​what your personal finances are. In general, a higher salary means that you can borrow at a lower interest rate because the bank’s risk of not repaying them is lower.

Your fixed expenses

Your fixed expenses


When you need to borrow money in a bank, you must show your fixed expenses so that the bank can see if you spend more money than you earn.

Your availability amount. Your monthly availability amount is a factor that may affect your credit rating. It is an amount that is calculated by deducting your fixed expenses from your income. With a higher availability amount also follows a lower interest rate. This is because you have a larger amount of money available for you to repay your loan with.

Your age and educational level. The last two factors are age and educational level. In general, the interest rate is higher the younger you are, since as a young person you often do not have the same pay ratio. In addition, statistics show that young people are less able to repay loans. The same is true in relation to the level of education, since with a good education you have the opportunity to get a good job and at the same time you also have a better opportunity to find a job quickly if you were to become unemployed.


A little easier at Melissa Clesasdoertos

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At Melissa Clesasdoertos, we do not go so much into your daily budget. So when you want to borrow money from us, it goes a little faster than in traditional banks. Like a bank, we do a credit rating on you. It benefits both us and you, as you should not end up in a situation where you owe more money than you can pay. At Melissa Clesasdoertos you can take out a quick loan of at least DKK 3,000 and then raise up to DKK 20,000 and have the money transferred to your account. We pay via our instant transfer every 7 days of the week.